Hospitality Services

Through quality design and our unique process, Empower Design Studio will help your staff deliver exceptional brand services to your guest.


Brand Develoment

Empower Design Studio can help your industry determine the goals, personality, and emotions you want people to experience within your brand. We assist you in conveying your company's brand within the space.



Our team of professional can provide you with existing floor plans of your space prior to renovation.


space panning

We help you bring your vision into reality that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but functional by organizing your space efficiently. We will observe and review the workgroup functions, codes, lighting and storage while drawing up plans to make the best of your available space.     


DETAILING/millwork design 

The professional team will create comprehensive drawings for contractors to better build your vision. 



Empower Design Studio helps create lighting solutions that are environmentally friendly and cost effective by working with the design and aesthetic to achieve the best atmosphere.      



Finally, we will turn your 2-D drawings into a 3-D experience by providing colorful and inviting images showcasing the space.